Trio escort in Utrecht

That was really hot. But the idea of being pleasured by a second man immediately made her wet, which is exceptional for an escort. In the middle of last year, we met a nice man together with the escort. We had met once before for dinner, but that was it. We decided to ask him if he was interested in some fun with both intimacy us and scheduled a meeting for January 3rd. How fitting, our first threesome on the 3rd.

1. 😊 Now the time is almost here, 8:00 p.m. Both the threesome escort and I are already quite excited. I'm wearing a very short and extremely low-cut red dress, and the escort is wearing very skimpy shorts. The doorbell rings. Tim enters. It's also his first time as a trio with an escort in Utrecht. I see his excitement. We have a drink together and then head to the bedroom. It's hard to believe that this is really happening. Two men are in my bed, and I'm in the middle.

Hands over arms and upper body. My dress has ridden up a bit. Since I'm not wearing panties, my pussy is exposed. I reach into the pants of both men. It's such a horny feeling to hold two cocks in my hands at the same time. Thanks to the huge cleavage, they can both easily access my breasts.

It feels so good to be pleasured by these two. They caress and kiss me all over my body. They stroke my nipples and play with my labia. Max lies with his head between my legs. I feel his tongue circling my pussy. Getting closer and closer. He sucks on my labia. Sometimes gently, sometimes more firmly. His tongue massages my clitoris. I can hardly bear it and moan loudly.

Tim massages my breasts while this is happening. He kneads them and sucks on my nipples. He's doing a great job. It's even hotter than I had imagined. Two men in bed with me. Now the two take turns. Tim takes over with his tongue on my pussy. The escort holds his cock in front of my face and starts twisting my nipples. I happily suck on his penis. Tim really knows what he's doing. He inserts one or two fingers into my pussy and massages me from the inside with his fingers and from the outside with his tongue.